To All the Gigs I’ve Loved Before : Introduction

I’m kicking off a series of posts called To All the Gigs I’ve Loved Before. In these posts I’ll be accentuating the positive (gasp) aspects of all of my past jobs. Brace yourself: I’ve had a LOT of jobs.

I’m saying “gigs” and not “jobs” for 2 reasons:

  1. “Gig” is closer to “girl,” which makes more sense for my corny puntastic theme that nobody under the age of 40 will understand. (Unless Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias singing a duet about their past romantic conquests is indeed timeless, in which case I am here for it.)
  2. I’ve had way more “gigs” than “jobs.” 

A “job” is a long-term commitment. A “gig” only lasts a certain period of time. From waiting tables to temping to adjunct professorship, my work history is dominated by transience. Not only have I moved every few years, I’ve also worked in industries that really don’t scream “stability.” I didn’t even have benefits or a retirement plan until… recently. I won’t tell you how old I am, but just know that I started LATE. 

NOTE: I also have this thing… it’s called “PTO?” I’m told this stands for “paid time off.” It means that sometimes… shhhh, don’t tell anyone… I get PAID FOR NOT WORKING. Holy crap, right? I KNOW. I still can’t believe this is actually a thing. My first real day of PTO was a 4th of July, and I think I told every person at the cookout, “Guess what? I AM GETTING PAID RIGHT NOW.” (Yes. I am that obnoxious.)

So even though now I do in fact have a “job,” I’m sticking with “gig” for this series of posts because it sounds less serious somehow. I feel like the word “job” sounds like… labor, ya know? It just sounds like, “Ugh, this is a chore, a burden, a job.” I also googled the word “gig,” and its etymology is pretty interesting if you wanna go on that deep dive…

Anyway, for our purposes here, though: gig = job = making a living = paying those bills, y’all.

If you want to follow this series as it develops, smash this tag: thegigsivelovedbefore.