Unabashed Reverence for the Complexity of Life

I pride myself on being a good communicator, but I’ve always grappled with simplicity vs. complexity. I’ve learned to pack as much nuance as possible into three-sentence emails. I rehearse presentations, time them, cut-cut-cut, then rehearse again. I’m forever struggling to be more linear and less circuitous (although I still maintain that circuitous can be good).

Does this pain me? Yes. Is it necessary? Mostly… yes.

However. In this space, I will celebrate – nay, I will perpetuate complexity. Brevity be damned! I don’t intend to prattle on endlessly about inconsequential nonsense. But! I believe life is a layered, intricate journey chock-full of subtlety and detours and nuggets that are meant to be savored.

Details are beautiful! Glorious, even! We wouldn’t be who we are without them.

xoxo, Lavinia