Oh England, My Lionheart

If there was ever any doubt that I’m English…

So, this is NOT me, y’all. This is my great-grandmother.

I feel like I am in some insane body swap/time travel movie, and somebody forgot to tell me. I’ve never EVER seen a photo of a relative that bore this much of a resemblance to me – not even my own parents!

Anyway: I’m headed on my first UK adventure since December 2018. I have GRAND plans to post photos, videos, and other scintillating content regarding my travels. There may or may not be interpretative dance.

Luckily, my parter in crime is game for potential public humiliation. If you’d like to follow our shenanigans, you can use the following tags: kandtbythesea, tandkdotheuk. I also hope to import a few old blogs from my past UK trips, and for those (and anything related) I’ll just use england, plain and simple.

Source of this post’s title: our queen, Kate Bush.

xoxo, Lavinia