who is lavinia nebbs?


I've always been a bit crafty.

As a kid I had some books with illustrations and instructions for everything from macrame to papier-mache to origami to simple sewing projects. I attempted nearly all of them, with mixed results and some minor disasters.

During college I picked up some basic sewing skills while working in the costume shop. My mother taught me to crochet. I became obsessed with embroidery. Currently I'm messing around with the geometrics of quilt block thingies.

Things haven't changed much: I still get mixed results and some minor disasters. 

In my other life, I'm an aspiring project manager. A bartender. The occasional teacher. I was a playwright once, but I'm on hiatus.

I also make pickles.

So here we are! All items are handmade by me. If you want to ask about a custom order, feel free to holler me using the "contact" link at the bottom.

Oh, and... Lavinia Nebbs is a character in one of my favorite books.  She's an old maid who conquers fear. Infer what you will.

"And perhaps a thousand miles away... across a locomotive-lonely country, in an empty way station,

a single traveler reading a dim newspaper under a solitary naked bulb, might raise up his head,

listen and think, 'What's that?' and decide, 'Only a woodchuck, surely, beating on a hollow log.'

But it was Lavinia Nebbs, it was most surely the heart of Lavinia Nebbs."

-Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine